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Reiki Second Degree

Professional training with a personal touch
About the course

This comprehensive one-day course completes Part Two of the basic course in Reiki.

Once initiated in First Degree Reiki, most people have experienced working with the energy and wish to move their Reiki on to a new level. This intensive day provides you with a whole range of exciting Japanese techniques and ‘ tools ‘ to allow you to channel greater amounts of Reiki energy than is possible at First Degree.

Susie Jennings Reiki

We will show you how to use three Japanese symbols to further enhance the effectiveness of your treatments. Most of the day is spent working with the energy and using the new Japanese techniques.

You are given a comprehensive manual to accompany this course and a certificate confirming that you have been initiated to Second Degree level in Reiki.

Course content
  • Receiving the Second Degree Empowerments
  • Learning about the three sacred Usui symbols: their names, how to draw them, their many uses and how to work with them
  • Working on each other using the new symbols and experiencing their unique energy
  • Practical work learning and using following various Japanese techniques:
  • The Many Hands Technique
  • Japanese ‘ scanning ‘ – Reiji Ho
  • Sending Reiki with your eyes and breath
  • Working with your intuition
  • Focusing Reiki like a laser beam
  • Space Clearing and Room Preparation

Course Cost: £140

Course duration 10:00am – 4:30pm (approximate finishing time )

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