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Professional training with a personal touch

I chose the Susie Jennings School of Reflexology as I found the Level 5 Reflexology course content to be much more thorough and exclusive than those in my local area. I am a fully qualified Beauty Therapist and run my own business so was a little concerned as to how I would be able to fit this course in as well as working full time. However, the course is structured in such a way that it is possible. It has been very hard work but well worth it! Susie is an incredible tutor with a huge depth of knowledge in Reflexology. She has been truly inspiring and a great support throughout the entire course in and out of the classroom.  I would strongly recommend Susie Jennings School of Reflexology to anyone interested in studying Reflexology. It has been life changing and I am so very grateful for the time spent with Susie and my fellow friends for life.  Nicky H, W. Sussex

Nicky H, W. Sussex

I was drawn to the Susie Jennings School of Reflexology based on previous testimonials which spoke of Susie's warmth, support and encouragement of her students. Whilst this was important to me, I also wanted to study at a level that would provide me with the depth of knowledge and experience necessary in order to qualify as a confident reflexologist. 
I was delighted, therefore, to be accepted on to her course and am very thankful that I was able to train under her guidance. Susie was very supportive of all of her students and we shall all miss our time together in Middleton.

Denice M – West Sussex

Even as a trained Nurse, I had not done any ‘serious’ study for a long time, and I was a little apprehensive about the prospect of essay writing and case studies. I need not have worried! The atmosphere in which Susie teaches is both relaxed and yet highly professional. The small groups make it easy to settle in, and I quickly discovered that I loved learning again. Susie offers fantastic support throughout the course, and I felt confident and at ease every step of the way. I would thoroughly recommend Susie's school and this Level 5 course to anyone considering studying Reflexology – in short, it’s the best thing I have done in years.

Lorna D – East Sussex

Susie Jennings made the Level 5 Reflexology course really interesting and fun. Her teaching skills are second to none and I felt very supported throughout. It's amazing how much you can achieve with the right teacher and lots of encouragement. By the end of the course my confidence had grown immensely and I was ready to start my new venture as a Reflexologist. Thank you Susie!

Esther B – East Sussex

I had not been in a schooling environment since high school and was not sure if I could handle learning at an older age.......but I was mistaken!  Susie was always there via email, phone or directly and was so patient and gave an explanation to my question that just made sense and so I was able to continue with the assignment I was working on.  The practical assessments are observed and assessed by Susie and whilst this was nerve-wracking at first she always had my best interests at heart and gave positive feedback and guidance that enabled me to fine-tune my practical abilities.    I am in awe of what this lady knows and her training skills and the time she puts in to ensure that her students fulfil their dream.  I have realised my potential and am proud to say that I have a healthy client base now and I just love what I have achieved and become.  Thank you.        

Karen C – West Sussex

Thank you for all your guidance and support throughout the course.  You teach in such a positive way which really helped to give me the confidence to keep moving forwards towards my goal.

Anne D – East Sussex

Thank you Susie!  You are a fantastic tutor and I loved the course.

Frankie A – West Sussex

I chose the Susie Jennings School of Reflexology as Susie teaches the Level 5 course.  This appealed to me as it teaches you to treat the ' whole ' person by learning to take into account the emotional aspects as well as the physical.  At my interview, Susie made it clear that the course is intensive and at the outset I was a little concerned about being able to manage to complete all the course assignments while also working full-time.  However, the course is very well-structured and by setting myself a ' homework plan ' and sticking to it, I found that it was easily manageable and I was able to complete the course in good time.  Susie is always available to respond to any questions or problems along the way and I would recommend this course to anybody thinking of training as a Reflexologist.

Carol W – West Sussex

This has been an amazing course, and for me personally a new and exciting chapter in my life.  My search to study and learn the practise of Reflexology led me to the Susie Jennings School of Reflexology - the best choice I could have made.  Susie has a warm, fun-loving personality and has a wealth of experience and knowledge. She is a dedicated and supportive tutor.  I have only the highest regard for Susie, who, with her warm devotion and professionalism, helped me to develop in-depth knowledge, whilst making learning a real joy.

Nicky M – West Sussex

I chose to do my Reiki training with Susie because I have always been impressed by how totally professional and organised she is and yet she somehow maintains a naturally sweet and gentle nature which puts you at ease immediately. The courses that I did were delightful and the skills I gained have been, and continue to be, invaluable in every aspect of my life.

Sue F – West Sussex

I chose this course as it looked more intensive and thorough than others offered in the local area. This was important to me as I wanted a thorough knowledge of reflexology so that I would be confident in starting up my own reflexology business once I qualified. The teaching was informal but thorough with lots of practical experience which I believe is important for learning complementary therapies. The group was nice and small and we were encouraged to feel free to ask Susie questions outside of the classroom either by phone or email. If you are interested in learning reflexology then I can highly recommend this course.

Jackie C – West Sussex

Susie's course was recommended to me by a Reflexologist from Brighton. I spoke to Susie on the phone and found her to be very informative about the course. Susie's teaching style is very thorough, the course handouts are clear and during the course weekends we went through them together to make sure we understood them. Susie is happy to answer any questions and as a group, we had fun too! The practical sessions are very enjoyable, going through small sections at a time, making sure we had taken in what we had learnt before moving on to the next. During case studies, again Susie was happy to answer my questions when I needed to contact her by phone. I thoroughly enjoyed the course; it is hard work but well worth it. I trained with a lovely group and have fond memories of my time in Littlehampton. I would have no hesitation in recommending Susie Jennings School of Reflexology.

Angie P – East Sussex

If ever there was a ‘light-bulb’ moment in my life, it was shown to me during my first conversation with Susie Jennings....! Throughout my life feet had always been of great interest to me and the concept of Reflexology in connection with feet and the healing process had always fascinated me. I just wasn’t aware of how that could be put into practice! I chose The Susie Jennings School of Reflexology after enquiries led me in that direction and Susie’s reputation certainly outshone any other options! Susie Jennings’ style of teaching is extremely clear, concise and thorough. Even though Susie is a complete fountain of knowledge she maintains a very subtle and gentle approach that is at no time overwhelming! Susie underpins all the course material with many informative handouts and is always available for support and assistance and is extremely encouraging!! It was an absolute privilege to study with Susie and to be able to meet so many lovely and interesting people on the course. Not only was the course successfully completed but some great lifetime friendships were made! Since qualifying, I have run my own Reflexology practice from home which continues to be extremely fulfilling and is always developing. Learning at Susie Jennings School of Reflexology was an incredible life-changing experience and one that I would strongly recommend for anyone considering a course in Reflexology!

Michele R – West Sussex

I heard about the reflexology course completely by accident and as it was held one week-end a month, I thought that it would fit in well with work and family. As it happened, it turned out to be much more suited to me and my situation as there was no longer an exam to worry about at the end of the course. It had become a continuous assessment course with a minimum total of 100 hours practical work as well as meeting the criteria for written outcomes. The teaching was clear and support was given at each step so that we knew exactly which direction we were going. Support was always available both in and out of the classroom which was a real boon especially when confronted with a problem. Our workbooks on Anatomy and Physiology were laid out in such a way that the learning of this deep subject was reinforced and connected well with our practical studies. I have built up a good rapport with all the clients involved in my case studies and I'm still learning with each treatment I give. P.S. I have recently been to India where I did some voluntary practise work in a care home section of the hospital. Wow! What an experience - these people were just so grateful to have reflexology; I really wished I could have been there for longer.

Mary F – West Sussex